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    I'm interested to know if anyone has had the same encounters with being presribed valium from a doctor as I've had. Back when I had insurance coverage my neurologist referred me to a mental health expert in my area that specialized in stress and anxiety and panic disorders. This was a good doctor IMO and am not trying to dog or belittle him any way but I wonder if the treatment I received was extraordinary or more common than I'm thinking. At the peak of treatment, I was prescribed xanax then shifted over to valium 70 mg/day... 20 mg in the morning, 20mg in the mid-day, and another 30 mg. at night before bed. To make a long story short, I had bad feelings with this drug along with alcohol but I couldnt keep away from those 6pack such that I had 2 full blown tonic-clonic seizures (a.k.a. "Grand Mal" seizure, apparenty I flew across the room then on the ground "flapping like a fish" (rest of the beers were crushed on the ground when I got back to normal..... telly was on the floor , our cat was freking out and the room looked like a warzone as one co-worker described it) all caused by drinking too much while on the vals. So yeah, the first time that happened was while I was at work and we overdid it with the beers" and that same day medications dispeared ,I can't prove took my medications but obviously someone in the room did. It was only later that I learned such seizures will take a toll on your health, unless you stay calm and control your enviroment to the fullest. Thankfully my work called 911 but unfortunately that was an bad experience coming out of the seizure with my coworkers watching me not be able to tell the emergency crew my age because of the fog caused by the seizure. I'm no longer taking such a dose along with alcohol, in fact only take valium at the 20-40mg/day level for panic or severe stress and anxiety. usually 5-6days a week...

    I'm curious to know if anyone had similar feelings about valium and benzos and mixing with alcohol in general?
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    that many mg of valium will F anybody up especially in combination with alcohol. u should probably keep at the 20mg 3 times a day or so... Im over 200 pounds I have 2 valium pills in the morning and if I take 2-3 at night I feel its the right dose for my body to relax dunno how u managed to get in the afternoon dose on that much unless u were sitting down at a desk but no ive never experienced any seizures even in combination with alcohol but im not a heavy drinker, just one or two beers here and there and a shot of vodka for panic attacks, or in case anxiety should occur
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    I've taken valium before and I wasn't a fan of it. Not saying it doesn't help people, but it wasn't for me. I only drank alcohol once on it though, and it wasn't too bad for me. I didn't drink too much though, so maybe the effect wasn't as bad as OPs. But I will, during that time, I do remember being paranoid and was getting mad at some of my friends. But I calmed down after a while like nothing happened.
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    I take 50mg per day now. But the doctor who initially prescribed them would prescribe "extra" if I was going thru something stressful (like trying to complete a test for example). So yeah I've taken anywhere from 30mg to 80mg a day. Don't break them in half etc. Follow your doctor's advice. valium won't mess anyone up. There are many people that weigh a lot less than 200lbs and can easily take 100mg. It all depends on the individual, their tolerance, and what other meds they are using.
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    70mg of valium on a daily basis is a crazy amount to be prescribed IMO,

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