Rohypnol available in the US

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Sleep and Hypnotic Meds' started by HighTowerTX, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    Just wondering because I cant find any info on it. I want to buy it in pill form (1mg) but I'm not sure of the scheduling or where to buy. Anyone ever felt comfortable getting it?
  2. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead Level 2 active citizen

    rohypnol it's not legal. But I wouldn't be scared to order some if I wanted to. I have in the past and would feel comfortable doing so again. If seized, they won't come after you any more than if it were xanax or valium, but theres hardly any sources that carries it nowadays.
  3. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    Thanks a bunch!
  4. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    Flunitrazepam is great for sleep and sleep only, and should only be taken when going to bed. I once took 25 x 1mg of roche brand rohypnol and started watching a movie and drinking a few beers. When I came to the next day almost everything in the house was in complete chaos, furniture moved and objects had been rearranged or destroyed. Fridge were in the bathtub... Total blackout
  5. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    wow! party next week. I will bring rohypnols and the box of beers . Who is supplying the Dormicum? Just joking
  6. stampy

    stampy Level 1 citizen

    Isn't rohypnol banned? Isn't that dangerous for our health? I am asking because that is what they gave my uncle when he had an MRI he was out like a light
  7. Funkyfork

    Funkyfork Level 2 active citizen

    Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) ranks above midazolam as a hypnotic. Dormicum is midazolam tablets. Versed is midazolam injection. Yes, rohypnol are potent and short-acting, more so than, say, triazolam. Also remember that diazepam (Valium) injection was used for conscious sedation before the water-soluble, midazolam came along. The oral route is often very different to the injectable route. First-pass effects can lead to very different characteristics. You would not give 15mg midazolam by injection, but the tablets are available in 15mg doses. Personally I prefer rohypnol.
  8. stampy

    stampy Level 1 citizen

    Thanks for the info.
    Just a question about midazolam being water soluble. Most advice I see says that it is fat soluble.I have however found a couple of recommendations to it being partly soluble in slightly acidic water. Can you help explain at all?
  9. Funkyfork

    Funkyfork Level 2 active citizen

    The hydrochloride salt of the drug is water-soluble. The base drug may not be thats all i know.
  10. stampy

    stampy Level 1 citizen

    Thanks a lot as always. I think midazolam got some distinctive characteristics. I will have to study it more as I know very little regarding it.
  11. Mumbai0

    Mumbai0 Level 1 citizen

    I can't say this is something I would need anytime soon, but I know a few people who have sleep problems and are looking for something better than what they have in the states. Glad to hear you can buy online at some places, I'll be sure to forward these details to my friend.
  12. willyCk

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    had a fewe this past week, after the second dose, 1st one made me relax a bit and It was a fantastic feeling the few times I have ordered it appears to have a 2 hour diazepam anti-anxiety efficacy with a bit more punch and vicodin feel to it. I slept really well.

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