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Discussion in 'Weight Loss, Obesity and Weight Control' started by Antman, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Antman

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    I am desperate to get some help figuring a few things out. I am on large doses of hydrocodone and have been for over three years now. I gained a lot of weight mostly because my back pain complicates the whole "work-out' issue then again I have been dieting and working out for over 2 months and haven't seen real benefits. And so here is my question. does anyone have info on Adderral or Ritalin being used for dieting? I know phen is used and I have used it in the past but it only makes me wobbly. Also, what kind of doctor prescribes these two medications anyhow? Would I approach my family practice doctor or do i need to go to my psychiatrist and explain I have ADHD, I just do not know if ritalin is prescribed from mental health practicioners or from someplace else? Im surely both could prescribe those meds, but what would be the best route to ensure i actually get a prescription?
  2. RayQ

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    Both adderall and Ritalin does in fact reduce food cravings and if you have ADHD you should have no problem getting a prescription for any of those drugs. Were you doing aerobic exercise? Liftinheavy weights won't make you shed fat, you need to do extended bouts of exercise that leaves you gasping for breath in order to lose weight through physical exercise. Going for walks is about the next best thing if you're mindful about impact.
  3. cocotaz

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    Most likely you will have to see a professional and be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Once you are diagnosed then they will start you on a program, but they may not start out with the ritalin or adderall. You will just have to mess around with the doses ,possibly with the guidance of a doctor.
  4. HighTowerTX

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    I dont believe that many people are prescribing adderall anymore. I mean Adderall is often over used, mostly by the younger generation, hence docs are less likely to give it out. I've used it for shedding weight before, but I can't get it anywhere now.
    would def try a drug that is actually developed for weight loss; see a nutritionist and see what you can do, or what they can give you, or what kind of program they offer. I highly doubt anyone would give you either of those two drugs for weight loss these days, but it may be worth a try.
  5. cocotaz

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    Ah, my gift from TCDS came today after waiting for 3 months: This was to southwest USA and Potency will be tested at a later date.
  6. Math

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    Wouldn't those two very powerful amphetamines cancel out alot of the results one would get from training? I have used phentermine with my percocets and never had any problems when working out after taking those meds. adderrall and ritalin is much stronger though so you might find it too stimulating ,especially so with high doses.
  7. MedMel

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    Antman, I truly doubt that you could get either of the medications mentioned for diet purposes. I have ADHD and take ritalin and it is not much of a diet medication after you use it for a while. My experience has been that a psychiatrist prescribes these meds after they have determined that you suffer from ADHD. I am no doctor but from experience , adderall and ritalin in combination works well when taken prior to training sessions. Personally, I would say Healthy eating and physical exercise is the answer.
    Good luck. Peace and war,
  8. Pizzahead

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    for anyone who is fit enough to take these type of stimulants they are generally healthy enough to work out, and workout rigorously. The main issue in exercising is first the heart, followed by impact/joint care. you need aerobic exercise, and less anaerobic workouts - Which resistance training (bodybuilding/weightlifting/strength training) ultimately is. Running, playing basketball, soccer, swimming, etc are aerobic exercises which can be a lot of fun. The longer you permit yourself to stay past the 'fat burning 10-25 min point' the more you will burn off, and that is where drugs such as ritalin and adderall can be helpful. Hope this helps.
  9. cheesedout

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    this looks like a simlar thread where protonlee received much good advice from many. i believe most were concerned with him taking oxy and either fentanyl at the same time for hes back problems ,as the combo was of great concern. anyhow, before everyone jumps in here --we've been there and done that so let's continue our old ways for the sake of our community.
  10. Funkyfork

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    Very true. fentanyl will potentiate most narcotic pain meds. And considered good at that. Plus, if you never take a break from pain medications, the tolerance fade as your body gets accustomed to taking them. I have to agree with other posters, anyone probably should look towards a permanent change in lifestyle, or look at a diet plan in addition to taking meds such as Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine etc, that way you will get additional social support that helps loads of people stay motivated on a weight-loss regimen.

    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    Not sure about fentanyl, but i recently I had a good experience with another med ( dextroamphetamine) from thedonrx. Text message order notifications is also a positive feature along with confirmation of picking up the money etc. I do feel safe when ordering from them.
  12. cheesedout

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    Have not tried dexedrine from thedonrx, however dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) is a very powerful amphetamine meaning that it is highly abusable (chemical cousin to adderall), so it's Schedule II according to FDA and therefore more difficult to get online than a lot of other things. Methylphenidate on the other hand is indicated for use in kids and adults suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These youngster's bodies produce an excess of a "sleepiness" endocrine (forgive, I'm not a medical student doing my pediatricis rotation, I only played one while reading my cousins medical school textbooks and then have proceeded to educate myself for the past 13 years. In response to excessive sleepiness, the body "over-correct" by sending the children into ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER mode. Some "parents" think that they are being responsible by medicating their children only when they send them to school, where they have to concentrate. Unfortunately. when a child with ADHD isn't medicated according to plan, the body is going to be in a constant set of overcorrections, and the "unforeseen" dose (which is every dose, if a child is only getting his 8am pill, and his lunch break pill, 7 days a week) is always going to result in an extreme reaction. Take an ADHD kid who has been going out to lunch with his family and unable to chill down down and eat hes food, running around in circles, launching at the other diners if provoked, and starts to cry when he's pushed back to the dinner table. He's not on a proper program of his medications. anyway Ritalin has never been prescribed on-label for adult fatigue. There is a good reason for this, too. It's an addictive drug. Using ritalin to "fight fatigue" is a great starter for the definition of its primary theater of abuse: The bedrooms and dorm rooms of students all over the US popping, crushing and snorting, even shooting the drug so that they can stay up all night and (in this, their case is even more legitimate than your's) concentrate on memorizing the anatomy of the mitochondria, pick their way through the most terrible memories,, And these children risk all the typical health risks associated with the use of speed/ cocaine etc. Further, because they are still kids faced with 800 pages of reading a week and a minimum of 70 verbs to memorize every couple of days, when they start to feel their minds slow down, they have no choice but to pop another pill. Are you aware that ritalin is safer and less mind altering than their C-II counterparts, used AS instructed. (Bearing in mind that an opiate-naive person in acute excruciating pain is liable to get a swift shot of fentanyl- compare that to a hit off a joint or a line of cocaine (Not that anyone here has ever used an illegal drug in their lifetimes) If you are suffering from exhaustion, you need to get your hands on dexedrine, not ritalin. There are many legitimate meds for fatigue, but chances are good that you need a major lifestyle overhaul including diet, physical exercise, work, and play in addition to a strong amphetamine such as dexedrine I know I sound like a be-yatch, but my personal experience has been positive with dexedrine and not so positive with ritalin. Adderall has also helped me tremendously , but Please go to see your doctor about if you have a fatigue problem. You do not need to risk your heart and your brain to get through the day. (Not always so easy as it sounds, I know).
  13. david

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    For those unfamiliar with these medications, Dexedrine is similar to adderall, it usually lasts about 6-7 hrs. Adderall lasts about the same, but both of them can be found in long acting versions that can last up to 20 hours. I have been prescribed both drugs for ADHD and I prefer dexedrine. Also, anybody would benefit from dexedrine or similar amphetamines, regardless of whether or not they had a problem because those medications can make anyone be more productive in the sense that the person become more energetic, determined and feel much better, and also require significantly less sleep.
  14. cocotaz

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    this post may be a bit off topic, but just wanted to point out that if you're a student you should have a health clinic that is either free or close to free. Most Universities also offer medical services for free as well. I would start there if you are a student.
  15. dustspooky393

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    No student health care clinic, with a mental health expert or not, is likely to give you any stimulant drug, benzo, or pain drugs. Outside a mental health prescriber, you will likely find ritalin and Dexedrine with some difficulty, and maybe addy but that could be pricey. Try thedonrx_
  16. SmugglerDude

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    Like almost every other medication,Adderall, dexedrine are not addictive to 95% of the people. However, for the 5% who do/did become addicted to amphetamine powders, the horror stories justified the stance the medical "industry" takes

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