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    onlinepharmacy discussion & experiences
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    I had an unusual encounter with this outfit. They offered free samples of a product I was looking for. I asked to sample a particular med and a month later they sent me a sample. I emailed them back saying I wanted a few more pills for the rest of my family to try out, only to make sure they did have a decent supply. They refused.
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    I don't know who is more stupid the people who is sending free samples or the people who is asking for free samples! Instead of begging for freebies you could try to order something cheap to check out their shipping times, quality etc.
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    Whatever any of you decide to do, Don't take any comfort in the fact onlinepharmacy take visa/mastercard. They could still be scammers.
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    look at the bottom on the right within the pain medication section, they sell diclofenac 25 mg tabs, 30 tabs for 19.95$. way too expensive in my opinion.
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    That is the most original name for an online pharmacy I have ever heard. lucky they got that name but wonder if they provide discount for bulk orders.
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    I'll accept any savings offered by this IOP as long as it is not a scamo_O

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