my sister accuses of stealing her meds ( percocet )

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How would you best deal with a situation like this?

  1. Give her whole bottle and let her deal with it herself

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  2. Lower her dose when she's acting up

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  1. Claude

    Claude Level 2 active citizen

    Went to the doc today with my sister. I have basically been giving her one weeks worth of medications at a time because she pretty much snorts them or crush them and mix them with water. She stopped taking her baseline medications and just goes for the Percocet now. She has enough to take 4 pills/ day. I made the mistake of checking her pills one week and she had taken most of the weeks worth--it's one of those daily medication containers. I figured that she could get by on 3 a day the last week of the month. I even cut those in half. Well she told the doctor today that I had been taking her medications and SELLING them. I almost fell out of the chair since that wasnt the case. The doc said "are you serious?" and she said "yes". The doctor looked at me long and hard and she must have seen the shocked look on my face and decided not to pursue it--I hope. I expect the police to come knocking on my door anytime for drug trafficking and I guess medcare fraud. I feel so betrayed after what I have done to make sure her life is comfortable. Basically I think she just wanted the PC to MAKE me give her the whole bottle of pills. That's what she wants is to just have that whole bottle at her disposal. NEVER gonna happen as long as Im around, the doc agrees with me that she should just be given one week at a time or it would get out of control in a minute. She take them if she has a headache or to sleep or I guess just for the energy and buzz. I haven't been on here in a while, SO busy at work, but I just wanted to get that off my chest. I feel so sad and betrayed. Just for the record--I would like to scare the heck out of my sister so she gets the point--what would they do to me if they suspect I was taking her medications and selling them. I see people on the news all the time for selling medications paid for by medicare and the like. I'm not worried at all (because I'm not doing anything with her medications) but giving them to her in a controlled manner. Yeah I did take a pill here and there but it is what it is I guess - Frankly I have just about had it with her behavior and I'm probably going to move the meds out of the house heh next she starts to act up again, she yelled at me a few nights ago thinking I had took 7 pills when she probably had taken them all and couldnt recall the next morning. shes also on rohypnol (flunitrazepam) btw I am just about done with this!
  2. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Does your sister have any type of dementia? This kind of behavior could be from that. On the other hand it sounds like she has a physical tolerance and/or addiction symptoms. When you go into doctor next time bring the bottle and show a pill account with its matching logs of when you placed them in her daily planner. More work for sure but maybe she doesn't remember taking them and it seems logical to her that you stole her meds.

    Good luck and best wishes.
  3. Math

    Math Level 1 citizen

    My guess she will not remember to keep track. Either lower her dose if she is hard to deal with, or buy a medication dispenser. There are different designs out there and cheap too if you need to go that route:rolleyes:
  4. Admin

    Admin Level 9 Administrator

    @Claude ,You really have no business managing pills for your sister and more so if she obviously has not given her permission for you to do it. She may be your sister but she is also an adult human being... All this talk of making her beg for pills ,lowering her dose and holding back her meds is ridiculous... I am actually surprised by the current results of the poll; Just give the pills the doctor prescribed for your sister to your sister, End of story.

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