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Discussion in 'Laws - Enforcement - Security - Regulations' started by SeoulYa, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. SeoulYa

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    I transferred money today thru MoneyGram and the lady taking the order asked for my driver's license. She then went on to pull out a large book and she copied down all my information into it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have sent money by Moneygram dozens of times and things were always computer-generated Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?
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    From my experiences, this depends largely upon the location you choose and happens much more often than with WU. In most cases, you get ID'ed only when you exceed whatever limit they have, or even more frequently, this is due to poorly trained staff members. I prefer the shady little stores that offer WU myself, regardless of the costs,. But MoneyGram is also a good option and a bit cheaper fees. I would not be overly worried about this.

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