Macromass and their other sites, Warning.

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Is 'Mac' of the owner of

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  1. cheesedout

    cheesedout Level 2 active citizen

    Here is a scam pharmacy - the owner goes by the nick names 'Mac' and 'theRat' , most found to be prey on the elderly, ripping them off for their last savings. Chances are good hes also in charge of a scam forum which have just about a few selected"vendors" ,most of them operating from remote areas of pakistan and india.

    The forum in question operate in a very shady way. You post a question, they answer, you send them money, they take it, they ban you from their forums, and post a good review on your behalf. That's how they make their living. They also sneak around other pharmacy forums to post around their chills, winning old folks trust so that they can continue to rip them off.

    name of IOP to avoid: macromass
    locations: Balochistan lahore (Pakistan)
    name of forum:
    Targets: seniors above 55 with disabilities
  2. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    macromass i beleive is linked with and a bunch of other websites, The whole site is fake! looks like a forum where people can discuss their experiences but all fake reviews by Macro and co. Avoid at all costs!
  3. Shazza

    Shazza Level 1 citizen active citizen

    What I don't get then is why Charon, previously known as River Styx is the admin there. She seemed 100% sound when I came across her on a previous forum she moderated... hell, I was still in my late teens then! She was very helpful and, I thought, absolutely straight up.
    I have heard mixed reports of macromass, probs about 50/50 good and bad. If that other forum tells porkies pies then I better check as many reviews as possible cos I was seriously considering ordering one of their products. I don't want to end up looking and feeling like a stupid little girl whose dog ate her homework!

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