farmapram 2 mg, xanax, upjohn,alplax - Generic or Brand

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whats the best brand of xanax out there?

  1. farmapram 2 mg

  2. alplax 2 mg ( gador)

  3. upjohn xanax

  4. alprax (india)

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  5. gg249 xanax

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  6. sandoz alprazolam

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  7. blue round xanax (xanax xr 2)

  1. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    My experiences: red devil Xanax , full strength farmapram 2mg - full strength if fresh (sometimes are mushy from transit) = fake green Xanax 2 mg strength - garbage but not quite as bad as pressed gg249 Xanax. varies alplax Gador (2mg bars) = haven't tried yet, will soon.
  2. Davey

    Davey Level 1 citizen

    The Alprax - Indian version is not bad but the purple footballs 1mg upjohn alprazolam worked much better, some generics are effective specially when on a tight budget,farmapram 2mg is also ok if you got a low tolerance.
  3. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I would definitely like to try some of the Thai pharms for Xanax or others. Order Xanax online if I find a source.... I believe alldaymeds have Upjohn Xanax 1 mg- but under another name? Could anyone list any of the names of other countries' alprazolam 1 or 2 mg? For example on another Argentinian list (email source)- they list Upjohn Xanax and alplax- but I don't think all of the pharms are selling that brand?
  4. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    The pharmapram 2 mg name brand is manufactured in various nations around the world. They may look a bit different than those in the U.S. but their all farmapram bars, the quality is equivalent to blue round Xanax.

    Go to farmapram precio farmacia del ahorro for more info or to buy at a high cost-way above-average Xanax street price:confused:
  5. Admin

    Admin Level 9 Administrator

    This forum is not to discuss vendors. This thread is to discuss Xanax brands- not the companies offering it. Do no discuss vendors, buying and selling, or Xanax street value. Order Xanax online at your own risk and do not discuss where to buy.

    We have other forums for that. Thank you for your support.
  6. Barry Vanilla-Shake

    Barry Vanilla-Shake Level 1 citizen

    I would like to test a few of the Thai pharms or others. I believe they have Upjohn Xanax and generics- Could anyone list any of the names of other countries where alprazolam 2 mg generic brands are produced? For example - a couple of sources out of Mexico list farmapram 2mg and the infamous red devil Xanax- anyone tried those?
  7. dustspooky393

    dustspooky393 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    brand this and generic that- whether red devil xanax or brand name its all in your creative imagination. these are all the same. a chemical substance is a chemical substance,in this case alprazolam which are tried and tested. the only difference is what the medicine looks like and the name of it, thats it.
  8. Davey

    Davey Level 1 citizen

    Err...absolutely not. I don't have the exact sites in front of me, but they can cut some corners in production in the mg, to name just one difference2mg would be 1.5, 1mg would be 0.7 and so on. depends on manufacturer And it CAN make a huge difference.
  9. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper Level 1 citizen

    I have farmapram 2 mg here right in front of me. Are they supposed to taste bitter? It's worse than acetylsalicylic acid, yuck:eek: Thanks a bunch

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