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  1. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    anyone used this IOP?
  2. MedMel

    MedMel Level 2 active citizen

    they require a prescription. not good.
  3. MacroButtcowYhaNahim

    MacroButtcowYhaNahim Level 1 citizen

    I would like to recommend another online pharmacy, macromass. medications are so much cheaper than buying it from the pharmacy down the street. Depending on what you are ordering you can save up to 60%, make your purchase online, and enter a fake phone number on the site, and myself but meds are real.

    Ya,I 've seen lies to my faces but in my personal opinion macromass is not infected with bacteria and parasites as it was in the past ya
  4. InHamerWeTrust

    InHamerWeTrust Level 1 citizen

    WOW! Very good advice & insight, butt you wont last.

    In God We Trust.

  5. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    What if your dear mother or sister ingested the shit. Is that fine with you too?

  6. Chillax

    Chillax Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Macromass is blacklisted on other forums

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