Can food affect the efficacy of Xanax

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Is xanax better taken on a empty stomach?

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  1. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    I'm aware that xanax works better on an empty stomach , but could certain foods interfere with the efficacy of xanax even if the meal was consumed several hours prior to dosing. I ask this because I have never taken an xanax and not fallen asleep even IF I thought I wasn't tired. But last night I could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned and finally began to slip off to sleep around 5:30am (my alarm goes off at 6:30am) only to be abruptly disturbed by my "sleep paralysis" that usually happens when I'm sleep deprived. I have had episodes like this when I have been completely out of xanax, but never while taking xanax. Needless to say, I'm exhausted this evening and looking forward to 9pm to take my dose of alprazolam. Tonight was just my own bland spicy Chicken Wings , cooked potatoes and a Salad. Last night was Chinese take-out Fried Rice , dumplings and 7 Shrimp Egg Rolls. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I have heard many people say that they feel like they cannot breath if they too fast and then take xanax with a glass of water at the same time, but thankfully, I have never felt that way. I try with all my might to make some kind of active meditation before I go to bed and eat, not a long session or anything but I try to mentally prepare myself for sleep. I can't imagine how a xanax/food attack would feel like! Bless all of you!
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  3. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    Well, Chinese shaolin monks have some interesting takes on this kind of "issues" your talking about. they often eat their dinner while on the toilet for better flexibility, in a squat position, or with a jug of water on their heads. Smoking cigs and pot as well as taking some other things that increase dopamine can also inhibit the effects of xanax. (Conversely some people find raising their dopamine can help them get to,and stay asleep). Fatty foods are definitely the worse for absorption of hypnotics and benzos.
  4. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Sleep related disorders I know very well.
    I believe that it could be made much worse when you run out of regular medications. Once sleep onset paralysis begins, I find that it will keep up throughout the night unless I get out of bed, move a bit, and try again a short while later. Fatty foods tend to slow digestion down the most.
  5. minister

    minister Level 1 citizen

    Forget about your sleep onset paralysis @168HP, and meditate instead. If I've having a lucid dream, and I Know I'm dreaming, I'll change it all around. in one specific dream I was in the yard and a huge storm was coming at me. I noticed that none of my kids were that little any longer so it had to be a dream, so I changed it up and made it into a beautiful sunshine and we had a picnic. simple as that. There have been many times when I knew I was dreaming, so I changed the dream around so I could be in other locations or doing something else.Remember, it's a dream and can do whatever you wish.
  6. Mumbai0

    Mumbai0 Level 1 citizen

    I have no idea to be honest. For me when taking xanax, I can usually take it with food or without, doesn't really change anything for me. I don't have sleep issues when taking it, at least so far. I only started taking xanax for a few months now. I have had some weird dreams since, but nothing resulting in sleep paralysis. I'm just thankful I don't get nightmares.
  7. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I think most medications are affected if we don't eat food in regular times. Since being hungry affects our blood and blood pressure, the efficacy of medicines are affected as well.
  8. RxHeart

    RxHeart Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I go through episodes and get mostly oral hallucinations, such as bizarre alarm noises. But I have had visual disturbances such as seeing 3 people when there was 2, usually because I can't move my attention elsewhere, so whatever I'm looking at starts to move and multiply. Breathing is the main struggle, and I try to breathe loudly enough for the sound of the inhaling and exhaling to wake me up. I was stuck at a hot car 55 mins once when it was at its worst. Then I had a very strong hypo hallucination. At the moment I've not had an attack for a few weeks.

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