antidepressants and how they work

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  1. SkyMan

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    What do you think about anti-depressants? Do they really work? i mean, the evidence is conflicting on whether they perform any better than traditional anti anxiety drugs (valium , xanax... )
  2. RxHeart

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    They balance the production of chemicals that are responsible for the feeling of happiness. That what they do but if we workout regularly, we release an ample of the same chemicals. That is why many people prefer to do it naturally.
  3. DuckOnTheRun

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    I do think they work - at least to some degree. The first one I took was fluoxetine. The initial dose was too high and I was very upset and troubled. When I decided to try it again, I went to a hospital. They had me titrate very slowly up to a therapeutic dose. It took about 6 weeks before I felt better but I actually felt worse starting Then one day, I realized that I was feeling awesome.
  4. LAcounty

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    the right medication WILL work on the right people. no single drug is good for the entire population due to the various variances in genetics and brain chemistry that changes in each person throughout their lives. fluoxetine may work for someone when they are 40 but not later when they are 55 because their brain chemistry has changed with the aging process. that is why there are tons of drugs for the MD to choose from. they all try to be broad spectrum so they can work for everyone, but thats just not possible since everyone is so chemically different. the right drug will work if fitted to the right person, thats just the way it is.

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