Ambien and Zopiclone

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Sleep and Hypnotic Meds' started by Luxembourg1, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 Level 2 active citizen

    What exactly is the difference, and what's your choice? Personally I've only ever had Zopiclone - but I've heard Zolpidem can be tricky for inducing hallucinations. is that true?
  2. Raindogz

    Raindogz Level 1 citizen

    The main difference is duration of action; in comparison to the benzodiazepines: zopiclone - short-acting ambien - very short-acting zaleplon - incredibly short-acting.
  3. M Bordeaux

    M Bordeaux Level 1 citizen active citizen

    i like ambien just because the fact that it actually keeps me asleep for 6-7 hours.. and i find zaleplon just useless, maybe good for a quick 1/2 hour rest
  4. Pusheen

    Pusheen Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I find Ambien excellent, but trying to find a reputable vendor in UK is difficult.
  5. DJrick

    DJrick Level 1 citizen

    i prefer Ambien too, just due to the fact that it actually keeps me asleep for 5-6 hours... and I find zopiclone just useless, may be effective for a 1 hr power nap.

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