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    I have just visited a new Pain Clinic yesterday. It has been over 10 years since I've been to a pain doc. It's all new to me. My PCP treated me well with 4-5 Vicodin a day. Seems like I Have pretty much maxed out that med. Both tolerance and Pain level has risen recently. So I asked him for a referral to this Pain Clinic It took nearly 6weeks to get in, once I did he told me the narcotics are Causing my pain. Don't know what that supposed to mean maybe a textbook statement made to all new patients? Anygow, he prescribed duragesic (fentanyl) 50 mcg/h patches / once every 2 days ( all standard as I see it) and 4 vicodin per day max for pain. First thing I do is google duragesic, learn alot!.. I then Google fentanyl and all you really find is news about the supposed dangers etc... The makers say 'only for people who have not Responded to ANY OTHER NARCOTIC or NARCOTIC COMBO's Don't touch broken patches, the gel could kill you!!!! Etc.... I guess my first concern is with the family, I lost the 1st patch the first night. No harm done..... So a few questions.... Do the patches really harbor that much Danger? Has anyone ever had them prescibe the patch BEFORE other ER/IR meds Even though it brings my pain level down 1-2, is it not supposed to Be a more powerful med?? How do I tell the doc i would feel more comfortable with an ER med and What's your experience with a alternative similar in potency to fentanyl patches i.e-- oxycontin, oxycodone it ,mscontin, etc....Thanks!
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    What would be an equal to hydromorphone? Oxycodone?
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    HELP!! Please......Help me!
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    I'm sure there is a thing other than fentanyl that your physician might give you, just tell him what you've told us (that you really need help) Good luck to you.
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    Get yourself a couple of duragesic patches. If your patches don't stick...Try using a waterproof Bandaid over while your at it.... write the date, time and name of the online pharmacy you buy patches from on the bandaid. and do not buy from bA paki pharms very smell stinky bAD!
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    Hmmm not sure if thats a good idea:confused:
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    thank so much all. I have started applying medical tape, no problems so far! I do however have a big spot on my private area after applying it overnight and the ink from the pen leaked onto the same area. I would also like to point out that all the research just made me worry and I imagine if one read the warnings on any medicine one could become even more worried. also I think since not sleeping for a week now, constant itching from the patch grinding against my buttcheeks, and little pain relieve wrapped together, I have decided to ask for hydrocodone from my doc, to supplement the fentanyl.
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    So you positioned the actual pen between your buttcheeks? I don't think that is what Rxheart reffered too_O
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    A few quick comments. My current doc suggested going on the patch, from NSAID's. His concern was my past and he felt that if I required a narcotic the patch would be the best choice. We eventually settled on oxycodone but the patch is the only other opioid he will Rx me. Also Vicodin and Oxycodone really helps my pain, after 1 year of daily use i can tell what difference these meds make in my life.
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    I was recommended valium and oxycodone and got those meds from thedonrx for a number of years and now I'm still getting great effects after a single 10mg Percocet from thedon, plus ms contin and dicodin... It takes a while to get the trust of a Doctor even with legit issues especially if a animal or thief where to run off with your RX, site scripts or other issues. Anyway it's always God to play by the ""Rules" and Max has never let me down, ever

    In God We Trust.
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    Can anyone recommend me a source that carries these type of meds?

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