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  1. levis3

    levis3 Level 1 active citizen citizen

    My pack arrived 12 days after payment (including weekend). Picked it up today, and just tried the oxycodone. seems to work well. Brilliant packaging, i'll be able to give reviews on the valiums after i tested a few and a proper trial with the ritalin. Along with his generic tramadol, which have been different brands for different orders but all of excellent quality.

  2. M Bordeaux

    M Bordeaux Level 1 citizen active citizen

    My order arrived yesterday, a bit late but valiums all intact and works well. Ordered 4/25 shipped 4/27 Received 5/8 .
    Good luck all.Take care:)
  3. ProffessorOz

    ProffessorOz Level 1 citizen

    Alldaymeds came through for me last night, they went to one of the main shipping companies (Fedex) and shipped my letter, Mon, June 1, received all accounted for Sat, June 6, diazepam 10mg's are quality and so are the generic Endocet.
    Thank you to Alex at alldaymeds, you deserve my review.

  4. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Very pleased to report: sent funds 6/4 shipped via Expedited air-mail 6/6, received 6/13 Everything intact and their oxycodone are of better quality than I had expected.Best wishes to all. Remember there is no rhyme or reason to the mail systems but it looks like packages from that part of the world arrive much faster compared to just a few weeks back. Be hopeful.
  5. JayDog

    JayDog Level 1 citizen

    Ordered: 6/8 Payment Received: 6/9 Postmarked: 6/11 Received: 6/24 Packaging was the usual high standard, and the attentin and valiums are of excellent quality. no apparent damage to any of the enclosed items.

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