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Have i contracted adhd DISEASE?

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  1. levis3

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    Hi all,
    I am Indian national living in Bumpass , Louisa County with a constant knocking sensation on the top of my head. it acctually feels like Im constantly getting hit from behind 24/7, if you can imagine.. I know adhd could be medicated through discussion and behavioural treatment with appropriate counselling but I am in a constant fog I also know it can be treated with medications like psychostimulants, But what I really want to know is if a perfectly normal person like myself would require medications, that I would like to know if I really have gotten the disease or not????

    i AM ALSO CREATING A POll, Thanks for any input.
  2. Pizzahead

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    Symptoms of ADHD:

    Inattentiveness: Is a condition in which one couldn't be able to focus and show the following indicators:

    Trouble focusing on a task

    Generally changes jobs

    Trouble keeping focus

    Issues in arranging things

    Easily distracted

    Readily loses things

    Forgetful in daily activities

    Doesn't appear to listen

    Does not follow directions

    Makes careless mistakes

    Dislikes mental tasks

    Hyperactivity: Is a state in which one is incredibly active and exhibit the following signs:

    Inability to rest, relax, and be still

    Fidgets with hands or feet in agitation

    Excessive motion and twisting in seat

    Excessive talking

    Excessive task

    Difficulty sitting quietly

    Difficulty performing quiet jobs

    Impulsivity: Is a state in which one is unable to control behaviour and show the following indications:

    Speaks carelessly and impulsively

    Replies of question before the end

    Don't take care while doing or speaking things

    Problem waiting for turn

    Interrupts others dialogue unnecessarily

    Intrudes in others actions

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